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Yusra, A Journey of Hope and Love with THF

Posted by admin 24 - November - 2011


Welcome to the official information centre of Please Help Yusra to “Get Up” effort.

First of all, we’d like to thank you for sparing us your busy time to take a look at our humble initiative. This effort was initiated by one of our members and several members of TEAM 9, during our Humanitarian Mission to Pariaman, Western Sumatra Island of Indonesia. Yusra was found during one of our free clinic sessions in Kayu Angik Hamlet, Pariaman.

The Beginning

At that time, on the sixth day of our mission, an ambulance with medical supplies from a hospital in Padang, arrived at the place where we are supposed to set up our free clinics. Hence, to avoid duplication in relief work, our mission leader, Mr. Johnny W. Utama, decided to go deeper into the village. He found a nice spot with a very welcoming family, Yusra’s family! After meeting with the family and their 12 month old baby boy with a very swollen head (about the size of a watermelon), a strong desire to do something about it unanimously appeared among them: “WE MUST HELP HIM”. We were hesitant as we had no idea how to even start or what to do but looking at Yusra, we decided to give it a shot and do what we can, as much as we can.

We feel that the boy has been brought to our path and he needs help from us, not just The Humanity Forum and TEAM 9, but from anybody with a heart for saving a human life.

So dear friends, let us help Yusra. Let’s give him an opportunity to grow up as a normal kid, or at least a chance to live longer.

Yusra is Helping His Friends, Now!

After an overwhelming response from many kind hearted people around the region (Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Brunei and Guam), we managed to hit our targeted fund. Now, we are bringing our mission further and broader. We are going to help more poor kids with serious illnesses, particularly hydrocephalus.

Find out now!


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