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About Yusra

Posted by admin 23 - November - 2011

Yusra Al Fazri

That is his full name. Besides suffering from hydrocephalus, he is also one of the victims of the recent giant quake that hit Pariaman region, western Sumatra island of Indonesia.
He is only about 13 month old now and was borned in Padang through caesarean from the womb of his mother, Zulhalifah (23 y.o. housewife). His father is called Rudi Hartono (28 y.o. farm labourer). The head of Yusra has been growing eversince he was born. Now, he lives in Kayu Angik Hamlet in Pariaman, with his parent and 2 grandmothers who are suffering from serious back pain. Yusra weighs 14 kg now and he still has good appetite. A good sign!

Yusra with his grandmother and mother, who are always there for him, tirelessly.

Yusra’s Home