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For healthy nuts and a healthier future, join w3-o‘s 2014 cause in support of the students at St. Ignatius Loyola Elementary School and the improvement of their dormitory facilities in Galang Island, Indonesia.


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Ignatius Loyola Elementary School 2014


Our mission is to bring smiles and joy into the lives of the children in Orphanage Brayat Panuji and Sekolah Gajahwong, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Lets see how we do it together...


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Project Stargazing

Every starry-eyed kid has a dream – a dream to be something great – even a kid who is visually impaired. Although they lack the gift of sight, they have the gift of vision that allows them to see beyond what’s in front of them.


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A Journey of Hope and Love with THF

A humble journey of a group of THF volunteers who tried to help a single innocent life in getting a chance to live like other kids, or at least an opportunity to live longer. Like a miracle, the journey has gone much further and deeper, reaching 20 kids, mostly with hydrocephalus symptoms. Follow the journey here...
A Journey of Hope and Love

Anak Laut Goes to School

A 6-year programme that aims to help put 15 indigenous Suku Laut kids to school and allow them to finish their primary education. With a world that's increasingly going global, illiteracy can eventually lead to their extinction from humanity. Follow our journey here...


Rebuilding Mentawai 2011-2013 

In response to a giant tsunami that hit Mentawai Island of Indonesia in October 2010, THF and Team9 have launched an ambitious programme to rebuild the disaster hit area.
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Bangon Visayas

Posted by admin 22 - November - 2013

Philippine relief for typhoon Haiyan victims. All proceeds will go to the relief effort of SUPPORT OF SORSOGANONS (SOS). Follow our journey: https://www.facebook.com/thehumanityforum

Project Comfort Love & Hope V.2

Posted by admin 23 - September - 2013
Project Comfort, Love & Hope V2

Nuts about Health & Hope.   These little pods are packed with a healthy and charitable punch.   When you combine a love for nuts and a love for helping children what do you get? You get PROJECT COMFORT LOVE AND HOPE V.2. Our mission is to bring smiles and…

Posing with artwork

Creativity rules the day as artists, designers and volunteers team up to bring colour and life to the hallways of the AWWA Community Home for Seniors. THF recently organised Project Sunshine Corridor, a design project for the Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) where colourful murals were painted along the hallways…

TFC Design: Behind the Scene

Posted by admin 23 - November - 2011

A Water Tank that Communicates. The Beginning. W3-O Design Lab is no stranger to The Humanity Forum (THF) and Team9, having been a loyal supporter of both for several years and counting. The reason simply being that Team9-THF carefully analyses who and what they support, before deciding to take on…


Clean Water for Pagai Selatan Island

Posted by admin 21 - November - 2011
TFC in Action

The giant tidal wave that hit Mentawai in 2010, has left the western coast of Pagai Selatan, Pagai Utara and Sipora islands destroyed. Almost nothing was left. Such a massive destruction has left more than 500 people died and 6,904 people displaced. After realising the impact, local government with strong…


Gallery: Rebuilding Mentawai 2011-2013

Posted by admin 20 - November - 2011

Team 9 and The Humanity Forum are working on a big plan to REBUILD MENTAWAI. This ambitious program will take about 3 years (2011-2013) and will cover several sectors from infrastructure, hygiene, education and livelihood. Location: Jakarta – Padang – Sikakap – South Pagai Island


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