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We always believe in reaching maximum impact with whatever we have. Although we have been extending our care and services to the less fortunate for more than 10 years, THF is still run by volunteers. This means we could really maximise our objective with whatever funding we raised, be it from friends or among ourselves. This also means that we have a very little ready fund, which makes it very difficult for us to work, particularly for disaster response. If you wish to assist us on this matter, we would be deeply grateful to receive your donation. You may simply donate to:

Yayasan Tonggak Himpunan Filantropi
Account No.: 126-00-0780007-0
Bank Mandiri
Cabang Jakarta Kemang Raya
Swift Code: BMRIIDJA

Once you are done with the transfer, do notify us (cynthia@thehumanityforum.org) so we can keep track of it.

We thank you for your kind support, in advance.