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Project Stargazing

Posted by admin 26 - March - 2013




Star of Hope

Star of Hope
Dec 2012 – Jan 2013

The Season of Joy is upon us once again THF and w3-o are to share it with the visually-impaired students of SLBN Bagian A (tunanetra) Bandung in Indonesia. The overwhelming success of “PROJECT STARGAZING”, our joint 2012 charity event with this school, has illuminated the fact that these students are just as hungry for knowledge as every normal kid – and that they are very enthusiastic to learn more. View Photo Gallery

Bandung Charity Day December 2012

Project Stargazing: Bandung Charity Day December 2012
30 Dec 2012.

We’ve always believed that everyone deserves an opportunity to become whatever they aspire to be. Indeed, we shouldn’t be “locked-up” by our physical limitations, nor should we be discriminated upon because of it. The Humanity Forum, as our name suggests, always aim to pursue the highest potential of a human being regardless of age, sex, race, or physical capability. Read More


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