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Our Vision

When one person helps another person, it forms a “circle of life” and we will be able to change the whole humanity, making poverty history. We envision having our friends and communities to join us in this charity movement that we are embarking on.


Our Missions 

“For Humanity and Beyond”

THF brings forth our support, care and love beyond humanity.
We dare to look at issues from a broader perspective, and tackle it with expertise, graciousness, sophistication and professionalism from our volunteers.  We are dedicated in supporting and providing relief to the less fortunate. We believe in a holistic approach and not just a “drop and go” affair.


• Equipment and resources support
• School’s infrastructure support
• Students’ welfare support

Mentawai School Support



• Health infrastructure support
• Hygiene programme
• Water & Sanitation programme
• Hydrocephalus support

Hydrocephalus Support

Yusra, A Journey of Hope and Love (Hydrocephalus Support)

Health Programme

A visit to Dharmais Cancer Hospital



• Partnership with NGOs & communities – tribal and disaster-hit communities, to maximise the impact of their livelihood programmes

Livelihood Programme

Dorsata Organic Forest Honey


Community Support

• Elderly community support and activities

Community Support Programme

A visit to Sree Narayana Nursing Home


Relief & Rebuilding

• Relief and rebuilding lives programmes in disaster-hit area

Relief & Rebuilding Programme

Mission to Mentawai 2010 with Team9