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The success of our programmes & missions depend heavily on our volunteers. So far, we have been very fortunate and blessed to have them as they are not only passionate but also dedicated individuals. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Their difference in social status, nationality, race, religion and age never stopped them in contributing everything they can towards our humanitarian and charitable causes.

We wish we can list them all here, but the list is growing endlessly. Below are some of our regular volunteers and their short profiles:


Charles Martanto Charles Martanto
A yogi, an avid tennis player, a scout leader and an expert in industrial quality assurance with several ISO9001 under his leaderships. Our multi-talented programme director could work very effectively not just in the city, but all the way to dense jungle of Mentawai. He has led several post disaster missions and many rebuilding missions. His engineering knowledge and leadership are huge assets for THF.
Willy Tanujoyo Willy Tanujoyo
A full-time creative director in a creative boutique in Singapore. He has an extensive knowledge of regional market. As one of the founders of The Humanity Forum, Willy shares great passion in humanitarian activities particularly in conjunction with media and design.
Cynthia A. Sudarto Cynthia A. Sudarto
A veteran business woman who has been involved in many businesses from a cakery, advertising agency, media agency and all the way to property. Her sense in handling finance is priceless. Hence it was an unanimous decision to put her in charge of our finance. Beside crunching numbers, this another founders of THF, is a serious meditation practitioner.
Johny W. Utama Johnny W. Utama
A veteran in humanitarian activities. In fact, he lives and breathes it. Johnny is the founder and leader of Team 9 as well as other NGOs in Indonesia. “Kak Johnny” as we always call him, has been inspiring and guiding all of us to be a good activist in handling humanitarian issues.
Tan Poh Ling Tan Poh Ling
A very well-travelled project manager who has a big interest in supporting all kinds of humanitarian efforts, particularly in issues revolving around children.
Susanna Gunawan Susanna Gunawan
Coming from a strong Girl Guide background, this project manager by trade has been involved in several humanitarian missions including with Team 9.
Indah Puspasari Indah Puspasari
An interior designer who has a soft spot for nature.
Nita Anggriawan Nita Anggriawan
An ex-girl scout and an active humanitarian activist. She is also a GP who has a big heart for children, especially in their educational and welfare issues.
Yessy Aditya Yessy Aditya
An animal lover.
Alex Sindhikara Alex Sindhikara
He has eagle eyes in book keeping.