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Clean Water for Pagai Selatan Island

Posted by admin 21 - November - 2011

The giant tidal wave that hit Mentawai in 2010, has left the western coast of Pagai Selatan, Pagai Utara and Sipora islands destroyed. Almost nothing was left. Such a massive destruction has left more than 500 people died and 6,904 people displaced. After realising the impact, local government with strong endorsements from central government, decided to move all the IDP into new settlements, places that are away from the coastal area.
Without any doubt, this will not be an easy transition for these people who were mostly fishermen and farmers, particularly when the new settlement only come with one single thing: a bare piece of land.

Team9 & The Humanity Forum are committed to help these people and have planned out a 3 YEAR REBUILDING MENTAWAI PROGRAM. With great supports from our donors, friends and partners, we are confident to roll out this plan effectively.

TFC (Tangki Ferro Cement) Water Tank Program is one of our main programs on REBUILDING BASIC NECESSITY which is the phase one of whole program. After 2 months of preparation, this program was effectively executed from early March to middle of May 2011.
41 water tanks with 9,000 liter capacity each were successfully built and handed over to the people of Pagai Selatan. This might sound like a large numbers but for they are far from enough for 2,557 people who live in that island.
We hope that we could provide more of these water tanks in Pagai Selatan or even to Pagai Utara and Sipora islands.

View TFC Water Tank Program by Team9-THF in a larger map