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Posted by admin 21 - November - 2011





Mr. Gan Fu Onn Marine Engineering A Kind Hearted Anonymous
Jack Tanti & Greg (Melbourne) Lian Chengyuan
Jia Jun Daud Yusof A Kind Hearted Anonymous
A Kind Hearted Anonymous Ruth (Brunei) Doris
Lily Eng Hong Iylia Nufail, Ameera & Akid
Bernard Lim Muhammad Fuad Valery
Linda Wee Zubaidah Edward
Sharon Teo Fred (Brunei) Tan YS
Randy David Danny
Ryan Tan Desmond Ong Widi & Family
Sebastian Chu Taranya Gandhi Fenita & Fonita
Alyssa Naushin Muhammad Ramli Sally Chua Sylvester
Lai & Tong Ian & Family Norwati
Yvonne Leong A Kind Hearted Anonymous Rachel Wong Wai Peng
Jasmine Ng, June Eng & TH Goh Anthony Francis Friends of Guam
A Kind Hearted Anonymous Jo Ivy Seah
Hello My Friend Exhibition by W3-O

Total: $67,091.00 (23 Nov 2010 – 9.30 AM)

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Yusra’s Fund: $26,541.00

Date Item SGD
17-Jan-10 Car Rental Padang – Kayu Angik (1 day) $87.30
17-Jan-10 Biscuits & other food for Yusra family $29.29
17-Jan-10 Milk & biscuits for Yusra $44.44
17-Jan-10 Milk for Yusra $3.13
18-Jan-10 Registration fee for Yos Sudarso Hospital $3.81
18-Jan-10 Downpayment for hospital $1,587.30
18-Jan-10 Consultation fee with Dr. Syaiful Saanin (Neurosurgeon) $7.94
18-Jan-10 Consultation fee with Dr. Mayeti (pediatrician) $7.94
18-Jan-10 Car Rental Padang – Kayu Angik (1 day) $87.30
18-Jan-10 Meals for Yusra’s Family + driver + volunteers (7 persons) $16.59
18-Jan-10 Foldable Mattresses $23.81
18-Jan-10 Meals for Yusra’s Family (3 persons) $7.94
18-Jan-10 Milk for Yusra $6.43
18-Jan-10 Clean clothes, soap, and other personal hygiene for Yusra + Medicine $24.25
19-Jan-10 Diapers for Yusra $3.57
19-Jan-10 Milk for Yusra $3.57
19-Jan-10 Milk for Yusra +Lactamil $21.35
19-Jan-10 Clothes, towel & soft toy for Yusra $12.22
19-Jan-10 Pillow $7.94
19-Jan-10 Car Rental to find accomondation (1 full day) $63.49
19-Jan-10 Parking $4.76
20-Jan-10 Car Rental to hospital (short term) $15.87
20-Jan-10 Room rental for Yusra’s Family (1 month) $47.62
20-Jan-10 Hotel Room for Yusra’s Family (2 hari) $57.14
31-Jan-10 Taxi to send Susi to the airport $15.87
8-Feb-10 Hospitalisation Cost (after downpayment) $1,237.20
8-Feb-10 Car Rental Padang – Kayu Angik (1 day) $63.49
8-Feb-10 Food, transport, personal hygiene stuff for Yusra and his family $47.62
09-Feb-10 Medicine for Yusra’s Mom $11.11
05-Feb-10 Document Courier to Bandung or Susi $2.54
05-Feb-10 Document Courier to Yogya for Dr. Endro $4.13
10-Feb-10 Document Courier to Singapore for Willy (CT Scan) $48.13
10-Mar-10 Bank charges for overseas TT (Singapore) $95.30
10-Mar-10 Bank charges for overseas TT (Jakarta) $5.56
10-Mar-10 Bank admin fee $0.95
20-Mar-10 Air tickets Padang – Semarang (Yusra, Father & Mother) $611.51
20-Mar-10 Pocket money for Yusra’s parents $111.11
20-Mar-10 Daily grocery for Yusra’s fam $11.11
20-Mar-10 Lab check for Yusra’s mom $31.75
20-Mar-10 Poli registration $7.94
20-Mar-10 Local transport $15.87
20-Mar-10 Airport Tax $14.29
20-Mar-10 Transport to Airport $7.94
20-Mar-10 Vitamin for Yusra $19.84
20-Mar-10 Extra for emergency for Yusra’s mom $197.62
29-Apr-10 Legal seal (materai) $1.90
30-Apr-10 Renovasi dapur mama Yusra $317.46
30-Apr-10 Milk money for Yusra $95.24
30-Apr-10 Bank charges $0.79
09-Jul-10 July visit (transportation, goodies, food, etc.) $214.29
08-Sep-10 Milk money for Yusra $95.24
08-Sep-10 Bank charges $0.79
07-Oct-10 October visit (transportation, goodies, food, etc.) $285.71
21-Dec-10 Milk money for Yusra $95.24
21-Dec-10 Bank charges $0.79
08-Jan-11 Milk money for Yusra $95.24
08-Jan-11 Bank charges $0.79
24-Jan-11 Willy’s visit (transportation, goodies, food, start up capital (cash), etc.) $406.19
27-Apr-11 Milk money for Yusra (For February-April) $238.10
25-May-11 Transportation Kayu Angik – Padang (Yusra’s hospitalisation due to infection) $79.37
31-May-11 Milk money for Yusra $79.37
31-May-11 Bank charges  $0.79
01-Jun-11 Transportation Padang – Kayu Angik (post hospitalisation)  $79.37
03-Jun-11 Hospital charges (shunt infection treatment) $301.59
28-Jun-11 Milk money for Yusra  $79.37
28-Jun-11 Bank charges  $0.79
03-Aug-11 Milk money for Yusra $79.37
03-Aug-11 Bank charges $0.79
15-Aug-11 Money for Yusra to celebrate Hari Raya $158.73
15-Aug-11 Bank charges $0.79
26-Aug-11 Milk money for Yusra $79.37
26-Aug-11 Bank charges $0.79
30-Sep-11 Milk money for Yusra $79.37
30-Sep-11 Bank charges $0.79
30-Oct-11 Milk money for Yusra  $79.37
30-Oct-11 Bank charges  $0.79
28-Nov-11 Milk money for Yusra  $79.37
28-Nov-11 Bank charges  $0.79
29-Dec-11 Milk money for Yusra  $79.37
29-Dec-11 Bank charges  $0.79
29-Jan-12 Milk money for Yusra $79.37
29-Jan-12 Bank charges  $0.79
06-Mar-12 Milk money for Yusra  $79.37
06-Mar-12 Bank charges  $0.79
31-Mar-12 Milk money for Yusra  $79.37
31-Mar-12 Bank charges $0.79
Total Expenditure: $8,085.26
Balance: $18,455.74

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Yusra’s Friends Fund: $40,550.00

Date Item SGD
20-Mar-10 Matress + linen $130.16
Grocery for Wisma Kasih Bunda $28.68
Grocery for Wisma Kasih $328.68
21-Mar-10 Toys for kids $17.52
Gifts for external kids $1.43
22-Mar-10 Operation & Treatment for Ahmad Salim (through WKB) $938.37
Operation & Treatment for Fifen Tania Hulu (through WKB) $3,241.77
Operation & Treatment for Fitri Wulandari Amelia Rizki (through WKB) $995.36
Operation & Treatment for Akbar Kazio Wijaya (through WKB) $1,355.27
Operation & Treatment for M Hafus Nur Aiman (through WKB) $1,000.94
Bank charges $0.79
01-Jul-10 Operation & Treatment Fund for Dina of Nias Island (through WKB) $2,555.39
30-Jul-10 Treatment for Akbar Kazio  $953.17
06-Aug-10 Treatment for Akbar Kazio (re-admitted to the hospital due to infection) $952.38
10-Aug-10 Treatment & medication for Akbar Kazio in hospital $480.63
14-Aug-10 Treatment & medication for Akbar Kazio in hospital $220.48
17-Aug-10 Treatment & medication for Akbar Kazio in hospital $27.78
19-Aug-10 Treatment & medication for Akbar Kazio in hospital $715.24
25-Aug-10 Medication for Akbar Kazio in hospital $47.62
30-Aug-10 Medication for Akbar Kazio in hospital $47.62
01-Sep-10 Medication for Akbar Kazio in hospital $63.49
04-Mar-11 Operation & Treatment for Reynald of Mentawai in Padang $771.11
Bank charges $0.79
09-Mar-11 Operation & Treatment for Arlis of Mentawai in Padang $3,690.47
Bank charges $0.79
31-Mar-11 Transportation for Arlis & Reynald of Mentawai $441.11
Bank charges $0.79
24-May-11 Operation & Treatment for Kevin of Mentawai in Padang $2,857.14
17-Oct-11 Operation & Treatment for Nur Lia Rizky (through WKB) $1,327.53
Operation & Treatment for Aureta Ramadiana (through WKB) $1,220.34
13-Nov-11 Operation & Treatment for Azzilia (through WKB) $1,249.25
20-Dec-11 Operation & Treatment for Airin of Mentawai in Padang $2,539.68
29-Dec-11 Operation & Treatment for Michael Umbu (through WKB) $2,010.63
29-Jan-11 Operation & Treatment for Mukti Handoyo (through WKB) $1,329.35
02-Apr-11 Operation & Treatment for Anafrista of Mentawai in Padang $2,509.38
Total Expenditure: $34,051.13
Balance: $6,498.87

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Date Item SGD
14-Jan-10 Air Ticket SG-JKT $54.68
14-Jan-10 Mobile phone top up credit $8.73
14-Jan-10 Tiket JKT-PDG $58.57
14-Jan-10 Beverage $1.90
14-Jan-10 Beverage $2.62
14-Jan-10 Beverage $2.62
14-Jan-10 Beverage $3.02
14-Jan-10 Lunch (1 person) $3.65
14-Jan-10 Airport tax Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta (Local) $6.35
15-Jan-10 Hotel Accommodation (1 night) $43.65
15-Jan-10 Mobile phone top up credit $15.87
15-Jan-10 Breakfast (2 persons) $6.51
15-Jan-10 Lunch (2 persons, with Caritas staff) $4.76
16-Jan-10 Petrol for Caritas staff $7.94
16-Jan-10 Lunch $4.37
18-Jan-10 Beverage $2.11
19-Jan-10 Beverage $1.17
19-Jan-10 Internet Cafe $0.95
19-Jan-10 Dinner (THF Team, 3 person) $6.59
20-Jan-10 Room rental + laundry $31.75
20-Jan-10 Lunch (THF Team, 4 person) $19.37
20-Jan-10 Hotel Accommodation (2 nights) $71.43
20-Jan-10 Blank DVD for Photos & Video of Yusra for Dr. Endro Yogya $1.59
20-Jan-10 Air ticekt PDG-JKT $117.46
20-Jan-10 Air ticket JKT-JOG (For Fitri, Team 9) $57.14
20-Jan-10 Airport tax at minangkabau airport $5.56
22-Jan-10 Air ticket JKT-SG $39.68
08-Feb-10 Airport tax Soekarno-Hatta (International) $23.81
Total Expenditure: $603.84


Thank you very much for everyone’s kind supports. We really appreciate it! This mission will not be possible without your supports.

And additional HUGE THANK YOU for those who believe in our work unconditionally.

May God bless you all abundantly.

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